About Us

Mitra Jaya Bahari was established in 1985 with the initial purpose of International Sea Freight Forwarding and Customs Service provider. Step by step and from each year, our activities developed continuously. Our aims to facilitate customers and take care of all customs service at port required for implementation sending and receiving goods by sea transportion.

    ? Mitra Jaya Bahari has extensive relationships both nationally and internationally. We have good cooperation with shipping companies and other related private or government departments that involve an important role in this field. We offers services for handling all kinds of cargo, and is able to do inspection, investigate, plan, develop, manage and trade all services required at Indonesia ports, whether due to the needs of shipping companies or cargo owners, handled by our highly experienced staff, our company prioritise service quality and customer satisfaction.


    Mitra Jaya Bahari is one of a leading provider of global transportations and distribution services in Indonesia. Along with our global network partners, we operate in and between all international trade lanes, support of in-country logistics and professionals that within this infrastructure can deliver seamless end-to-end supply.
    Supporting our portfolio of flexible and innovative, we realise that service is our first priority and at its best when built on a relationship of trust and a thorough understanding of our clients’ business. We follow a focused strategy to hire and further develop our staff's talents and then give them the responsibility and accountability to deliver an exceptional customer experience.
    A good communication through the world is our advantages. We serve honorable, communicative, proffesional, and responsive to our clients. Our expertise in the maritime industry enable us to provide import and export freight transportation. The scope of our work are Custom Clearance, Full Container Loaded (FCL) and Less Container Loaded (LCL) on Land, Sea & Air Transportation arrangement.


    Mitra Jaya Bahari Transportation company offers the most comprehensive transportation services and options in the industry. Our transport service rendered in optimum quality and at a very reasonable cost and guarantees the arrival to destination in the least time possible. We will always responsible and fulfill the trust given to us for transport your goods to your destination fluently and safely.
    To achieve these objectives, Mitra Jaya Bahari transport has the commitment and trust of important companies in the area of cargo transport. Mitra Jaya Bahari transport permanently have at hand a varied fleet of equipment to optimise resources and adjust schedules - all to benefit clients.
    Our transportation services enhance supply chain efficiency with network strategy design, predictive modeling, shipment optimization and execution tools.


    For customer’s satisfaction and service quality, we provide equipments such as Reach Stacker, Slide Loader, Forklift, Cranes, Fleet, newest Cold and steam high pressure machines, also provide container’s spare parts and materials for damage containers that available for all type of container as well as reefer equipments & iso tank.
    To cover up all of our commitments, our company equipped with modern equipment, workshop, implementing the first in first out (FIFO) method in releasing container, running Electric Data Interchange (EDI) System in container movement report and IICL standard for repairing damaged container. All damaged containers being received at the terminal was photo proof and automatically save on system also forwarded to our clients (Liners and NVOCC). Our facilities, technology and people meet and exceed the highest standards within our industry.


    With a vast network of agents, capacity providers and our experience in coordinating multi-modal transportation solutions, Mitra Jaya Bahari has the expertise and knowledge to help you move break bulk (loss cargo), heavy lift and oversized cargo forward safely and efficiently.
    Being an industry leader for many years, Mitra Jaya Bahari has his own pedigree, that moved thousands of project consignments and has gained expertise in heavy transportation and oversized loads, also always minimise time and risk delivering quantified value add on every project we manage.
    With systematic organization and innovative solutions we offer optimum project logistics including multiple cargo handling, technical and engineered solutions including total turnkey transfers of factory plant and machinery, managing multimodal movement of over-dimensional and heavy lift equipment for any organisation in the mining, energy, construction, oil and gas industries. With highly motivated staff on location as well as in the office, Mitra Jaya Bahari can be trusted with all your project shipping requirements.


    Mitra Jaya Bahari warehouse logistics is designed to provide our clients with a full-service solution from general storage up to specific and individual logistical requirements. We supply 9000 m2 warehouse area of modern, clean and secure. The team of professionals and technicians, based on knowledge, experience and technology, has specialised in designing all sorts of storage, distribution and general cargo management solutions, and offer high quality levels. Our experienced and professional staff knows what it takes to remove costs and increase value for our clients. From inventory management and control to solving your specific logistic or warehousing needs, our knowledgeable staff will come up with cost effective solutions that will fit your needs.
    In our warehouses we not only store goods for shipment, but also we can consolidate goods or palletize goods for distribution to the end user through the use of our transportation services. Our warehouses offer secure storage with alarmed security systems and sprinkler systems throughout. We also offer outside storage for manufactured goods that aren’t adversely affected by outside weather conditions.

Why Us!

  • Fully computerised equipment controlled and tracking systems

  • Strategic and nearby location with sea port (5 km)

  • Provided High quality service

  • IT systems and EDI connectivity

  • Friendly, skill and professional staffs available to serve

  • Customize to meet our clients need

  • Great pride in adding value to our clients

  • Reasonable prices & Competitive solutions


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